Nokia Ink 01: Extra Low Power Consumption


Nokia is setting a new trend in mobile phones offers a concept of recycled aluminum, the futuristic and promising appearance made. Designed by Luis Barcelo this wonderful mobile phone called Nokia 2001 Ink offers a sustainable use of cell phones where design meets functionality.

The main idea is to reduce energy consumption wherever your trendy mobile phone use. So you can assured of recyclable materials to be used in the replica when it dismantled. This amazing mobile phone carries extra low power E-Ink digital display.

In fact, all parts of the mobile structure made of recycled aluminum in a position designed to be recycled again and again, while low energy consumption. Instead of mechanical buttons, the Nokia 2001 Ink has a main keyboard comes with a capacitive sensor, which seems to reduce the amount of the individual parts.

The Nokia 2001 Ink comes with a Mini  OLED display that that it is possible to photograph for the user and to revise enables low power consumption. The Nokia 2001 Ink is a silver / zinc batteries instead of lithium-ion batteries that are 95 percent recyclable and is operated with more energy density of 40 percent than other lithium-ion batteries. This means you can reduce the load times during their lifetime and reduce wasted energy during recharging.