T-Mobile and Its Aggressive Sales Goals Get In Trouble

Once again, T-Mobile has crossed the line. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently opened an investigation into T-Mobile after numerous employees complained about its pushing of sales goals and how they were treated.

From the Washington Post;

“T-Mobile employees under pressure to meet sales goals are sometimes driven to mislead customers or to enroll them in services they didn’t ask for, alleges a report from a labor coalition.

In a complaint that Change to Win said they filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Friday, the labor group claimed that T-Mobile sets “unrealistic sales targets” that encourage workers to act in ways that may not benefit consumers.

The group found that some workers said they felt pressure to add insurance, phone lines and other services that customers didn’t explicitly ask for to meet sales targets and earn commission payments. The findings were based on a review of consumer complaints collected by the Federal Trade Commission, a consumer protection agency, interviews with workers and online surveys of people who identified themselves as T-Mobile employees and customers.”

Will these guys never learn?

Looks like the FTC might be getting on board as well;

” The FTC declined to comment on whether it was investigating T-Mobile for the sales practices highlighted by the labor group.

John Simpson, an advocate for Consumer Watchdog, a nonprofit organization that educates consumers, has some advice for shoppers.

“The best defense for a consumer when they’re dealing with anybody, be it T-Mobile or anybody else, is to be aware of the potential problem and ask lots of questions,” he said.

Read the article here.

Here is a video of some of the trouble they got into a year ago;

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  1. Belinda Mortis

    I worked with T Mobile, they had awesome plans and its really cheap.


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