T Mobiles New Data Plan for September

tmobile announces new data plan

T mobile is debuting a new data plan in September. They plan on doing way with data limits on plans and offering “unlimited
data instead for more money.

A good article discussing this is on Yahoo Fiance. Its starts off by saying,

“Sprint and T-Mobile want to sell you unlimited data for less. But don’t start celebrating just yet.

Getting more data at a lower price should be good. But wireless broadband differs from wired broadband in one key way: scarcity. It’s hard to provide reliable wireless service if everyone is maxing out their connections at once.”

The problem with this new data plan is that it is going to severely limit tethering, or hotspots. Now I use my hotspot a lot and in fact pay extra ($30) a month for 14gb. The new plan structure is going to limit you to 2G not 4G. Thats a problem. As Rob the author put it,

” To test that, I set my Android phone to connect to T-Mobile via 2G, tethered my laptop and tried to load Yahoo Finance’s home page. Four and a half minutes later, my MacBook Air’s Chrome browser gave up after loading just seven stories, two thumbnail pictures, some stock quotes and a logo or two.”

Apparently though T-Mobile is not going to do away with their old plans just yet. T-Mobile verified that they are going to keep existing plans just as they are.

My advice? Don’t switch just yet. Let the fallout happen first and the bugs get worked out. Once you switch you are trapped in the plan.

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  1. Shaina Mayer

    Thanks for the useful tips. Will recommend.

  2. Murda Crews

    Ive worked with t mobile before and i could tell you consumers what ever they say don’t believe it. don’t bite the bait.

    1. Amanda Cerny

      This guy is saying the truth.

  3. Heath Ledger

    If you come to think of it T-mobile just tricks you to choose them by fabricating lies.

  4. Jeremy White

    Can you post something about their new data plan for 2017?


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