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John’s Phone : The Worlds Simplest Phone


All mobile phone manufacturers competing to make a cell phone that has many features to please users. Starting from telephone service, short messaging, camera, navigation, internet and entertainment.

But what about users who are just looking for a phone with basic functions only, ie a tool used to call? A Dutch technology design firm, John Doe answering that need.

Diedriekje Bok, a designer create a phone that can only be used to make phone calls. “At the time of many phones that provide optional features and services, we precisely want to develop a simple gadget,” said Bok was quoted as saying Dailymail, today.

The phone is claimed to be anti-iPhone phone is named “John’s Phone“. Unlike the iPhone which has many features and services, ranging from short messages, let alone internet games, St. John’s Phone is made with the simplest of ideas as a phone, can only be used to make phone calls.

From the looks, this phone looks like a calculator. There is only the numbers and buttons to perform and close the phone calls, and the hole volume. Wrapped with white color, the phone weighs 95 grams which is priced at £ 67 or about USD 950 thousand.

Because of its ancient, Bok slipped a piece of paper and a small pen on the sidelines of the mobile phone used as a phone book.