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Who wants to buy the Nexus One?


Popular, much talked about, written in many media, is not going to guarantee a successful product. Google Nexus One already proven this. At launch, the popularity of this phone match your iPhone. But it is weak in the market. This bitter lesson for Google.

Let’s go back to the past. Rumours about the launch of Google‘s mobile phone has been booming on the internet for a few years. Android-based phone aka the T-Mobile G1, has been heating the mobile phone business. But, really awaited by fans of Android is a phone made by Google, Nexus One. The cell phone competes with other Android phone made by HTC, Motorola, Samsung and Sony.

Android phone market really heats up. Mid-December 2009, Motorola has released version 2.0 of the Android based phones. This device is bundled with Verizon’s service providers. The result, surprising: Droid Motorola has sold one million units within a short time, much faster than iPhone sales.

Google also had a dream with Android phones. They provide a new feature that is touch screen. They sure would succeed. Nexus One was born. The difference is, these phones are sold solely by Google, not via the network operator or a conventional mobile phone dealers. Google‘s phone is going to feel great because Google controls every millimeter of hardware and software design.

Nexus One was officially launched January 5, 2010. The cell phone is made by special order to HTC, Google‘s best friend in Taiwan who also produce an Android phone. Software? The most sophisticated, namely Android 2.1, although for a novice user not too different from previous versions. There is only a change in mobile phone display.

Mobile marketing is really against the conventional rule. Sold under-bound type with operator T-Mobile (locked) or type Unlocked which can be used with any operator. But, the phone was sold solely by Google.

Major problems began to emerge. Which was launched by T-Mobile encountering many obstacles. Although T-Mobile are intimates of Google, T-Mobile is the smallest of the four operators of existing operators in the United States. As a result, sales have failed. This problem also faced by phone “Palm-Pre” factory-made “Palm”. No matter how good your cell phone, very few people in America who want to switch numbers.

Consumers also face problems when they wish to purchase directly from Google. Google is not accustomed to selling mobile phones. They only want to serve through electronic orders need several days to get a response. In fact, consumers want to speak directly with a mobile merchant original human.

Nexus One then also be sold through AT&T for an unlocked version. But this version was expensive U.S. $ 530. Unlocked phone is very unusual in the United States, and customers tend to choose the phone that is locked but the price is cheap because it subsidized, like the iPhone. Sales of Nexus One really bad, as reported by Fast Company, in the first week they only sold 20 thousand units in the first quarter of 2010 and their market share is only 2 percent of the total Android phone in the U.S..

At the same time other Android phones capable of great success. HTC Droid Incredible, which is actually similar to the Nexus One but with additional features HTC Sensen graphical display plus a better camera even more successful. Sprint Operator, also partnered with HTC to HTC Evo 4G phones. This mobile 4G (fourth generation), the first in the United States. With many rivals like that, who wants to buy the Nexus One?