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Have you read my prev article about iPhone 4? Its amazing gadget, but have you know this technology & economic issue? Continue reading…

The emergence of bad reports on the iPhone 4, has made the value of Apple shares fell 4.2%, and eliminate the £ 6.5 billion market value, although it rose again when the U.S. stock market higher. This report comes as Apple receives a high demand from new products in which 1.7 million phones were sold in the first three days after launch.

One institution that did the test it was Consumer Reports, consumer interest watchdog organization in the U.S.. Consumer Reports, has been testing the iPhone 4 and mentioned that this phone would lose signal when used in certain ways. When a finger or hand touching the spot on the left side of the phone, the signal is significantly decreased. This causes the iPhone 4 four lost connections, and even completely disappear if located in areas with weak signals.


They also tested several mobile AT & T in the same way, including the iPhone 4 and Palm Pre 3GS. None of the phone has a signal problem as iPhone4. They concluded that the problem of the antenna on the smartphone can not be tolerated, and they do not recommend that consumers buy the iPhone 4.

Apple has explained that the problem happened in the iPhone 4 antenna is not too distracting. However, some testing to find if the problem on the iPhone 4 very annoying and not as expected.