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iPhone 4 Review, General Spesification


Iphone 4 released on Monday 7 June 2010, is the largest revision in the history of the iPhone since penetrated the market in 2007. Previous versions also have unique characteristics when launched. Maybe we’ve been tempted by the technology revolution of the “iPhone 3G”, and the speed of “3GS”. So what makes the “iPhone 4″ this time is considered so unique and new.

Some points that I can notice are:

Radical change

This fourth generation of the new iPhone 4 is a significant evolution from Apple gadget when compared with the previous version. Form of a flat back, protected by glass and the edges are made of stainless steel, at first glance look more like a “Braun shaving” than a cell phone. All gadget devices that use the new iPhone this time also, hold and feel it will make you say that the iPhone 4 is different from the previous habitat.

Look and feel

Although this is a new cell phone, and have different outward appearances, there are some things that do not change. When you first hold iPhone 4, you still get the sense that it is a device, very solid. According to Apple’s specifications, the iPhone 4 is 0.1 ounces heavier than its predecessor, 3GS.

Both the back and front of the phone is now made of glass, coated with a layer of oleo-phobic as used on the 3GS. Display unit that is used is a bit too flashy. One side effect of making both color and textured glass back of the phone is that the difference between white and black model of the iPhone 4 is now completely visible. In iPhone 3G and 3GS white and black color model looks almost the same when viewed from the front. For this time feels different if you use a white iPhone, you’ll really obvious and clear impression of an elegant white color. Still like iPhone 3, this gadget had optional connection to internet with WiFi.

Apple calls on iPhone 4 screen with “Retina screen” a little weird and scary for this beautiful artistic gadget.

Video Cameras and Photo

We must spend time playing with two cameras on the iPhone 4. Rear Camera, has a 5MP resolution, or 2MP bigger than the old version of 3GS. But apparently megapixel is not everything, even the camera “iPhone 3GS” can create better results than other smartphone cameras have more megapixels.

Something that could be considered new on iPhone 4 is the rear camera flash LED. When you turn the flash and press the shutter button, the LED flashes once to allow cameras in order to measure the light, and then a second time to take pictures. Front camera in the “iPhone 4″ is not a 5 megapixel camera but the 640×480-pixel (about 0.3 megapixels, if you’re curious) which is designed at its main feature, ‘FaceTime’.

With high-resolution screen, using the iPhone 4 can more clearly see the graph. Like the writing that looks looks amazing, when trying to open a PDF file, seems that there are some interesting differences when the zoom-in to PDF documents.

OK, you now have a choice. but do not forget to read the next article about the iPhone 4 & expert recomendation .