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Steve Jobs : “Apple, RIM, Samsung Electronics, and HTC Corp have experienced the same thing”


In a press conference at Apple headquarters some time ago, Steve Jobs admitted that iPhone4 have drawbacks. As an apology for the problem and the antenna signal which users complained, the CEO of Apple is offering a free rubber casing.

Jobs claims that the rubber casing that can be obtained from 30 September 2010 can protect the antenna performance, so it is not troubled by the touch of a user’s hand.

In the press conference, Jobs acknowledged that iPhone4‘s not perfect. But like the slap, it also involves brand rivals by declaring that all smartphones have drawbacks. According to a weak signal reception problems occur throughout the fair smartphone industry. Among others, called Research In Motion (RIM) Blackberry manufacturer, Samsung Electronics, and HTC Corp also have experienced something similar.

Of course this style of defense jobs to make its rivals furious. RIM, Samsung Electronics, and HTC Corp. has responded that Jobs’ statement. They claim that Apple’s lack of time to test its product. In fact, Samsung said that they had never experienced the same thing with Apple iPhone4.

Issues that beat iPhone4 make several mobile operators in several countries who distribute Apple’s smartphone is delaying the sale until the next 1-2 months.

Apart from the criticisms of the quality, iPhone4 contributed a substantial increase Apple’s profits. Together with the iPad, iPhone4 able to contribute to Apple’s net income increased by 61% (U.S. $ 15.7 billion) from a year ago in the same period amounted to U.S. $ 9.73 billion.