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Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Do not buy this!

Read this article in the Washington Post here;

SEOUL, South Korea — Yonhap says Samsung has temporarily halted production of Galaxy Note 7 after replacement devices catch fire.

This is a gift to google because of the upcoming Christmas season…

“Samsung is a crucial Google partner for its Android mobile operating system. Indeed, Android and Samsung have become almost synonymous for many consumers these days — something that Google may not particularly want for its open mobile operating system. So perhaps to shift that perception, Google is trying to stake its own claim to being the premier Android brand with its recent introduction of its Pixel and Pixel XL.”

“The fallout has been clear: Slightly more than a third of Samsung smartphone owners said they would not buy another phone from the company after the Galaxy Note 7 recall, according to a survey from brand consultant firm Branding Brand, which conducted the poll before the replacements started catching on fire.”

Bottom line, Save your money and buy an alternative product.