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Tips To Installing “Running Boards” On Your Truck

Running Boards are one of the popular accessories for trucks & SUVs. Besides giving the impression of “Good Looking”, Truck Running Boards serves to facilitate passengers to get into the cabin.

So how to install running boards on your truck or SUV? This will be very easy if you follow the steps below. Depending on the brand you purchase, the procedures involved may be a bit different.

  1. Insert the square head bolts into the extruded channels on the underside of the board, then attach the Multi-Fit brackets loosely with supplied washers and nuts.
  2. After determining the mounting position on the truck, the end caps and step pads are attached with matching black rivets.
  3. Mounting methods vary slightly with application. Multi-Fit Running boards are bolted in place with clip nuts and bolts at factory holes. Tighten after determining alignment is correct.

Just follow those general steps, and bingo, running boards already installed in your vehicle