The Most Vicious Computer Virus In 2009


Every single day, many new computer viruses designed to interrupt us and to destroy the chaos on our computer systems. Here are ten viruses currently cited as The Most Vicious Computer Virus In 2009 according to their ability to potentially cause damage. New viruses are created every day. This does not mean all inclusive list. The best thing you can do is to remain vigilant, keep anti-virus software to update, and remain aware of current computer virus threats.

Virus: Trojan.Loader

A Trojan horse that attempts to download remote files. This will inject a .dll file. in the process of explorer.exe that causes system instability.

Virus: W32.Beagle.CO@mm

A mass-mail worm which lowers security settings. This can remove the registry sub keys that are related to security and can block access to web sites that related to security.

Virus: Backdoor.Zagaban

A Trojan horse that allows computers to be used as a covert proxy and which can decrease network performance.

Virus: W32/Netsky-P

A mass-mail worm that spreads by emailing itself to addresses produced from files on your local drive.

Virus: W32/Mytob-GH

A mass-mail worm and IRC backdoor Trojan for the Windows platform. Messages sent by this worm will have the subject chosen randomly from a list including titles such as: Notice the limited account, Email Account Suspension, Security measures, Members Support, Important Notification.

Virus: W32/Mytob-EX

A mass-mail worm and IRC backdoor Trojan similar nature to W32-Mytob-of GH. W32/Mytob-EX continue running in the background, providing a backdoor server which allows a remote intruder to gain access and control over the computer via IRC channels. This virus spreads by sending itself to email attachments is harvested from your email address.

Virus: W32/Mytob-AS, Mytob-BE, Mytob-C, and Mytob-ER

This family of worm variations with similar characteristics in terms of what they can do. They are mass-mail worm with backdoor functionality that can be controlled through Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network. In addition, they can spread via email and through various operating system vulnerabilities such as LSASS (MS04-011).

Virus: Zafi-D

A mass mailing worm and worm peer-to-peer copy itself to the Windows system folder with the filename Norton update.exe. Can make a number of files in the Windows system folder with filenames consisting of 8 random characters and the extension DLL. W32/Zafi-D copies itself to folders with names containing share, upload, or music as ICQ 2005a new!. exe or winamp 5.7 new!. exe. W32/Zafi-D also displays a fake error message box with the title “CRC: 04F6Bh” and the text “Error in packed file!”.

Virus: W32/Netsky-D

A mass-mail worm with IRC backdoor functionality which can also infect computers vulnerable to the LSASS (MS04-011) exploit.

Virus: W32/Zafi-B

A peer-to-peer (P2P) and email worm will copy itself to the Windows system folder as a randomly named EXE file. This worm will test the internet connection by attempting to connect to Google or Microsoft. A bilingual, worm with a message attached Hungarian political text box which means “We are demanding that the government accommodates the homeless, tightens up the penal law and vote for the death penalty for reducing crime increases.

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