Water Mill : Gadget Producing Water From Air


Unique, gadget developed by a Canadian company, Element Four. Therefore, this gadget can produce water taken from the air. Maybe, someday, this gadget can be a solution for areas experiencing water scarcity. Remarkably, the gadget that is named Water Mill is claimed to be able to produce up to 12 liters of water per day.

How it works is quite simple gadget. By gathering the air around her, Water Mill can capture 40 percent of water content in the air. Well, water is then processed to become usable water needs of human. So, what about the pollution contained in the air? Do not worry. This author is already designed the gadget to be able to filter out pollutants as well as utilizing ultraviolet light to kill bacteria that exist.

This technology actually mimic Dehumidifer device that serves to reduce humidity. But the technology is applied and developed to produce water taken from the air. In addition to producing drinking water, there is another version of this gadget that can be used for irrigation purposes. This gadget, Water Mill is powered electricity can be purchased for 800 pounds and in the year 2009 will begin to be marketed in the UK.